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  • Yearly revamp of your website
  • Digital identity based on your branding
  • Up to eight webpages
  • Blazing-fast Hosting+
  • Access to add-ons
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Never out of date again

We grow your website as your company does. For example: we revamp your site every 12 months.

Unlimited scalability

Based on the biggest Content Managment System out there: WordPress. So you’ll have access to unlimited posibilities.

Growing family

Why not join the club? When you’re part of the Site+ Familiy, you’ll get acces to all website elements we’ve made. Let’s grow together!


Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

With the MailChimp add-on you can connect your emailing and newsletter directly to your website.

€ 5,-

No system is perfect on it’s own and that’s why we can seamlessly integrate with a CRM (for example HubSpot). If you would like to work with another system let us know!

€ 10,-

Within the WordPress environment we set up a connected blog overview and build 2 templates for you. After that you can add as many blogs as you want.

€ 25,-

Looking for the shop on your website? WooCommerce is the way to go. We will set you up so that all your products are visible on your website.

€ 30,-

Missing an add-on? Ask about it during the demo since we have plenty more available!

Curious if Site+ suits your business?

To get a better idea if Site+ suits you we have created a wizard. On the basis of a few simple questions you will find out if Site+ fits your business.